Lotto Results

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How to play our weekly Lotto

[mk_steps step=”5″ hover_color=”#1e73be” icon_1=”mk-icon-envelope-o” title_1=”Collect a Lotto envelope” desc_1=”Get your hands on a Dinas Powis RFC Lotto envelope from the clubhouse.” icon_2=”mk-moon-checkmark-circle” title_2=”Choose your four numbers” desc_2=”Tick or cross four of the numbers between 1 and 24.” icon_3=”mk-icon-group” title_3=”Confirm the age group you support.” desc_3=”50% of the proceeds are invested in our players. Circle the age group that you wish to support.” icon_4=”mk-moon-pen-5″ title_4=”Provide your contact details” desc_4=”Write your name, telephone number and address on the envelope.” icon_5=”mk-moon-box-add” title_5=”Pop your envelope in the box.” desc_5=”Pop £1 in your completed envelope and drop it in the box on the bar at the clubhouse.” animation=”flip-x”]

Draws take place each Saturday after 7 pm in the clubhouse.

Four balls are drawn at random from a bag of twenty-four. Players who have correctly identified three numbers win £10. Anyone who correctly matches all four numbers will win the jackpot*.

We will either notify the winners in person or use the contact details provided on the envelope.

*In the event of multiple jackpot winners, the prize fund will be shared equally amongst them. Jackpot winnings are paid via cheque made payable to the person named on the winning envelope.

[mk_message_box type=”warning-message” el_class=”warning_message_box_bg”]Players must be 16 or older.

Defaced envelopes (including those with more than four numbers selected), or those missing the required £1 entry fee will not be entered into the draw.

No refunds are issued any under circumstances.[/mk_message_box]

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