Registering to play for the club is a two-step process.

Step 1

Note: This is only required for NEW players. If you have registered for Dinas Powys RFC before you will automatically be asked to re-register before the start of each season. Please email if you don’t receive this request by the 20th August each year.

When joining the club for the very first time, you (or your parent(s)/guaridan(s) if you are under 18) will need to complete the form shown below and submit it for processing. This will allow us to capture important contact information as well as any medical conditions that we should be aware of to ensure you can participate safely. At the start of each season, you (or your parent(s) or guardian(s)) will be asked to check that the information we have is still correct.

Step 2

Registering with the WRU is essential. Players who are not registered with the WRU will not be permitted to take to the field of play as they will not be covered by any insurance.

Once you have submitted your application form (and at the start of each season) you will need to complete the Welsh Rugby Union’s online registration process. This is different to our registration process but it is essential as unless you are registered with the WRU then you won’t be permitted to play. The online portal has been developed and is operated by the Welsh Rugby Union (WRU). All data supplied via the portal will be retained and processed by the WRU in accordance with their Privacy Policy.

It is the responsibility of each player (or parent if the player is under 18) to register online – the club is unable to do this on your behalf – and players will not be permitted to participate in matches without being registered. However, registrations do not expire under this new system and you will remain a registered player of Dinas Powys RFC unless you undertake the regulated transfer process (details available upon request).

We know that many of our existing players will already have submitted their paper-based registration forms for the 2018/19. It is important to distinguish between Player Registration with the WRU (the online process) and Player Registration with Dinas Powys RFC. Whilst the WRU’s system captures the information required to register you as a player it doesn’t provide the club with a mechanism for capturing:

  • important medical information that the coaching teams should be aware of
  • emergency contact details
  • acceptance of the Club’s principles
  • photography/videography permission
  • payment of annual membership fees and subscription

If you experience any problems registering online or would like some additional information, either use the chat function (to the right of this screen) or email us at

Thanks to the generous support of Castle Court Dental Care, all registered players have the opportunity to acquire an orthodontic mouthguard at a heavily subsidised price.

Membership application form (only for NEW players)

Note that we use third-party software to manage our memberships however this data is stored within the UK in accordance with GDPR requirements.

How to register with the Welsh Rugby Union

  • Take a selfie!

    As part of the registration process you will be required to upload an electronic passport style (i.e. head and shoulders) image of the player so make sure you have one to hand.

  • Head over to

    Open your web browser and navigate to to access the online registration portal. Click on the red 'Player Registration' button to begin the process.

  • Enter the requested information

    Enter the player's date of birth on the first page and click the yellow 'Proceed' button. Enter the player's details, upload their photograph and acknowledge the WRU's conditions outlined at the bottom on the second page before clicking on the yellow 'Submit' button.

  • Validate your email address

    Check your email and click on the validation link in the email sent to you by the WRU

  • You're all done!

    That's all you need to do apart from turning up and enjoying this great sport!

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