Below you’ll find a list of the people responsible for the governance and operation of the club during the 2017/18 season.

Chairman & Officers

  • Andrew Vesey
    Andrew Vesey Chairman
  • Vivienne Stark
    Vivienne Stark Honorary Secretary
  • Brynmor Stark
    Brynmor Stark Honorary Co-Secretary
  • Mark Harris
    Mark Harris Honorary Treasurer
    Child Safeguarding Officer
    Web Master

Executive Committee

  • Paul Williams
    Paul Williams Vice Chairman
  • John Dunleavy
    John Dunleavy Head of Rugby
    Club Coaching Coordinator
  • Richard Boyland
    Richard Boyland 2nd XV (Dingoes) Team Manager
  • David Davies
    David Davies Youth Team Coach
  • Lee Driscoll
    Lee Driscoll Chairman - Mini & Junior Section
  • Owen Stark
    Owen Stark Fixture Secretary - Seniors & Youth
  • Mark Good
    Mark Good Vice Treasurer
  • Rhys Evans
    Rhys Evans
  • Nick Parsons
    Nick Parsons

Mini & Junior Committee

  • Lee Driscoll
    Lee Driscoll Chairman - Mini & Junior Section
  • Natasha Harris
    Natasha Harris Mini & Junior Membership Secretary


  • Neil Shallish
    Neil Shallish Off-field Support
  • Colin Evans
    Colin Evans Off-field Support
  • Hywel Jones
    Hywel Jones Press Officer
  • Craig Driscoll
    Craig Driscoll Vets Team Manager
  • Keith Bryan
    Keith Bryan 1st Team Manager
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